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About Us
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About Us

Welcome to e-tgm - the home of the electronic telegram - we are the founders and originators of the 21 st century worldwide postal service combining the benefits of e-mail with a more environmentally friendly snail mail.

How Does It Work?

Using your PC you create and send an ordinary e-mail to us and we re-direct to the recipients postal address having been given this including postal/zip code between #keys# (until template modifications become available for such programs as outlook express etc.)
The local sorting office to the recipient will be able to print your e-tgm with name and address on one side and approximately 550 words that you can choose for the text - folded into three, looking similar to an airmail letter, which postal workers can deliver in their regular delivery rounds.

Building partnerships

We are in the process of establishing partnerships with postal organisations all around the world and we aim to initially price an e-tgm at the equivalent of the recipient countries first class postal rate with applicable guarantees.

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